How to plan a wedding in Santorini

How to Plan a Santorini WeddingHow to Plan a Santorini Wedding

A Santorini wedding planner is the best way to plan a wedding day in Santorini to book Santorini wedding celebrant first to make sure he will be available on your wedding day and time. The next step is to find a wedding venue available. Once The Celebrant and the wedding venue is booked,them you can look for a local wedding photographer, Videographer, Florist and reception venue if you have a big group of guests and you would like to pre book reception.

If you like to have a legal wedding ceremony the best way is to higher a wedding planner so he will do the necessary paper work here in Santorinii for you!

Just follow the  steps below. We will guide you the best and easy way possible to plan your wedding in Santorini 

  1. Contact us to make a preliminary reservation for your desired Wedding date and time. Reserve as early as possible since Santorini is a very popular wedding destination!
    Upon receipt of a deposit of Euro 300(non refundable), we will secure the wedding date and time with the Mayors’ office and send you the confirmation.
  2. Choose one of our wedding packages or share your ideas with us to create your own unique, dream wedding package. We will help you choose the perfect location for your wedding day
  3. Gather all the necessary documentation and send it to us by e mail at but make sure to bring the originals with you when you come to Santorini

Santorini Wedding Necessary Documentation

The following documents are required to perform a legal Civil Wedding in Santorini or elsewhere in Greece:


  • Birth Certificates with an APOSTILLE stamp, translated into Greek
  • A “Single Status” letter or letter of NO IMPENDIMENT endorsed with APOSTILLE stamp. “Single Status” is a document issued from your local registrar and insures that there is no problem to get married.
  • Photocopies of passports (no translation required)
  • If divorced, then the divorce certificate is required (no translation required)


  • Birth certificates with APOSTILLE stamp, translated into Greek
  • Marriage license, stating that it is also valid for Greece-Santorini. It is also recommended that the marriage license be endorsed with APOSTILLE Stamp
  • Or you can issue instead of Marriage license, a NO IMPEDIMENT or Single Status letter which will mention that you are free to get married in Santorini Greece and date of marriage.
  • Photocopies of your passports (no translation required)
  • If applicable, documentary evidence (death certificate or final/irrevocable divorce decree) of the termination of a previous marriage (the most recent, if more than one), no translation required.

The Apostille Stamp that can be obtained from the Secretary of State of the issuing state. 

All the above documents (except the passports) are to be translated into Greek and authenticated by your local Greek Embassy or Consulate. If you have problems or want to avoid the hastle, you can send us the authenticated original documents and we will take care of the translations (translation costs are extra – please ask us for the cost).

We would like to inform you that your birth certificates will be kept in your marriage file in the city hall. Therefore if you wish them back, please issue authenticated copies.

All the documents should be sent to us by fax, 3 weeks prior to date of wedding. In return we will send you a confirmation issued by the mayor

Santorini Greece
Wedding F.A.Q.

  1. Where do we obtain the marriage license? 
    You will sign the legal marriage license after the wedding ceremony and we will collect it form the Mayors’ office the following day and deliver it to you.
  2. Is our civil marriage in Greece and Santorini legal? 
    Yes, the Marriage Certificate is a legal document issued by The Greek Government and accepted internationally.
  3. Do you arrange religious weddings in Santorini? 
    Yes, we arrange catholic and orthodox weddings. Please contact us for the necessary details.
  4. Where can we have our wedding reception? 
    Santorini has unique wedding reception venues. Depending on the number of guests we will propose several venues to choose from. more »
  5. When do we receive our photos? 
    Photos will be developed the following day and we will deliver them to you, together with the negatives.
  6. We don’t have two witnesses for the ceremony. 
    We will provide the witnesses
  7. What is the best time to perform the ceremony? 
    One hour before the sunset. The camera captures gentle & romantic colors. Day time is too hot for you and too bright for the camera.
  8. If we cancel the reservation, will we get the money back? 
    If you cancel the reservation 45 days prior to the scheduled wedding date, we will refund you the money( less Euro 250 – as a deposit & an arrangement fee). Exclusive packages may require a higher deposit.
  9. Do you arrange weddings in other parts of Greece? 
    Yes, please ask for information. Weddings destinations in Greece include Mykonos, Rhodos, Crete and more beautiful locations.
  10. Can we get married on the same day of our arrival in Santorini? 
    Yes, you can. We have many couples arriving on cruise boats, arranging there civil marriage in Santorini, and departing the same day.
  11. Do you organize vow renewals in Santorini? 
    Yes, please contact us for our Santorini vow renewal ceremonies.
  12. Can I rent a Wedding Dress in Santorini? 
    Yes, we have a selection of beautiful wedding dresses that you can rent for your wedding.
  13. Does the wedding package price include our guests?
    No, the wedding packages include services only for the couple. If you have guests please inform us and we will send you our offer based on the number of guests that will attend.

For more information contact us at any time  HERE

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