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Nikita contacted us a month before he came to Santorini. Our wedding proposal team took care of everything. He let them know about his vision and we adjusted it so that it perfectly fits the occasion. We suggested a private boat tour to a secluded beach where the swam. They came over from Oia Village, where the first part of their vacation was taking place and got on the boat. Once they returned, a small table with antipasti was set up with a pretext of an after boat tour gift from the company. Tatiana suspected nothing! A private musician started serenading the couple with songs that Nikita handpicked. Once the ring and flower came out Tatiana couldn’t control her happiness.The few people in the area started clapping and the atmosphere was filled with joy and excitement. The Lithuanian couple enjoyed their champagne and snacks. They then moved to a nearby seafood restaurant where the table we had booked for them was waiting. At the end of the night, they moved over to the┬ásuite of a nearby hotel where they spent 2 nights.