Santorini Flying dress proposal package

Santorini Flying dress proposal package

santorini flying dress proposal photoshoot

Perfect for a couple visiting Santorini, you go on a seemingly standard “ photoshooting Walking Tour” with your partner. Your tour proposal photographer, takes pictures of you posing with the beautiful flying dress at Santorni’s ignitable caldera views of Oia Village, the blue dome church, and the artistick white houses hanging over the cliffs , or any Santorini location. When you arrive at the romantic predetermined location, your photographer asks you to pose and you drop to your knee and propose. It is all caught on camera! Santorini Flying dress proposal package is a Romantic event that your future wife will remember for the rest of her life. 

santorini flying dress proposal photoshoot

Santorini flying dress photoshoot proposal It seems tailor made for Instagram likes: bright blue sky, white walls and a ruby-colored dress swirling elegantly in the breeze.
These images, known as Santorini flying dress photos, started out on the picturesque island of Santorini and have since become popular for proposal events.
While the pictures look like they could have been taken for a high fashion magazine, the proposal photo shoots package are relatively affordable and have become a more common offering on travel experience booking.
Amazing photoshootings in Santorini offer the best quality of pictures

On your next vacation, book a gorgeous Santorini flying dress photo shoot

Professional photo shoots have become a vacation staple. Scroll through internet, and you’ll find image after image of happy travelers posing in beautiful locations around Santoriniq.

The ones that will really take your breath away, though, feature women of all ages, shapes and sizes wearing flying dresses  long, jewel-colored satin gowns with incredibly long trains that seem to be soaring in the wind – against the stunning backdrop of Santorini, Greece.

They could easily pass for fashion magazine spreads and they’ve empowered thousands of women to hold themselves with the self confidence of models.

“Women really fall in love with this experience and feel like Greek goddesses in the dresses, After each Santorini flying dress  Proposal photo shoot, there’s so much excitement about how the pictures came out. Many women look at the photos and can’t believe that glamorous woman is them! We see this reaction all the time and we love it!


santorini flying dress proposal


  • Proposal duration is 2 hours
  • Explore Santorini on a Walking photoshooting Tour of specific area
  • Photographer takes pictures of you and your partner throughout the tour
  • Propose at a romantic predetermined location, all being captured on camera
  • Edited images delivered via an online gallery
  • Base package 450 €  



  • A bottle of champagne – Toast your proposal happiness moment in Santorini with a  bottle of champagne after you propose  45€
  • Bucket of flowers – Enhance your intimate proposal with a read roses or any color of flower your future wife might like 75 €
  • Rush Photography Delivery – Have all the photos from your proposal delivered within 48 hours so that you can share with the world right away. Additional 159 €
  • Discreet Videographer – A videographer discreetly captures your proposal and provides close-up footage after if desired. Additional 300 €


Terms & Conditions

  • Available daily
  • Reservations require 7 days notice
  • Proposal may be canceled or rescheduled due to inclement weather
  • Depose is require for official booking


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