santorini Proposal Decorations Package

santorini proposal decorations

Santorini Proposal Decorations Package

For the client who already has a venue in mind and only needs decorations, this is the package for you! Choose your base of petals or candles and add any items you wish.

 Cost includes materials and The Santorini proposal planner’ setup time


  • Base package includes your choice of rose petals 
  • Includes the cost of our time to be on site for the set up
  • Includes our time to source materials
  • Includes The Santorini proposal planner coordination of logistics and details
  • Base price 415 Euros



  • Four 5×7 Picture Frames – Personalize your proposal by adding sets of four 5×7 picture frames. You email us the photos and we’ll print and frame them. Additional 99 euros Each Set of Four


  • Proposal Sign – Make your proposal message stand out with a personalized proposal sign displayed as the centerpiece. Includes easel for the sign. Additional 120 euros


  • Marry Me Marquee Lights – Enhance your proposal with marquee lights (about 10″ tall) that spell out “MARRY ME”. Additional 99 euros


  • MARRY ME Balloon Package – Add a more celebratory feel with heart shaped and MARRY ME balloons. Additional 199 euros


  • 100 LED Candles – Enhance your proposal by adding the romantic glow of LED candles. Additional 159 euros Each Set


  • 1000 Rose Petals – Add more romance to your decor with 1000 rose petals. Your Choice of colors of red, white, or pink. Additional 159euros  Each Set


  • Rose Arrangements – Enhance the beauty of your decor with rose arrangements in either a vase or presentation style bouquet. Additional 159 euros Each Arrangement


  • Musician – Enhance your intimate proposal with a musician playing your song as you pop the question. Choose between a singing guitarist, elegant violinist, or jazzy saxophonist. Additional 425 euros


  • Photographer – A photographer captures your proposal and provides a portrait session after if desired. Edited images delivered via an online gallery. Additional 575 euros


  • Videographer – A videographer discreetly captures your proposal and provides close-up footage after if desired. Additional 900 euros