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Santorini is the island of love, thousands of couples fall in love on this magical island, men and women propose and many get married abroad, by the beautiful sunset side of Santorini or as we call it, The caldera. The caldera is known as the areas from where you can see the volcano, the famous sunset and every property which happens to be on that side of the island.One of the reasons Santorini is such a popular destination for proposals is simply because of the romantic vibe it offers, the traditional roads the warm climate and the sensation of freedom which makes people feel much better and loving. Fun fact, nobody says no to a proposal that is done in Santorini.

You’re surrounded by the most stunning island locations that overlook the caldera cliffs and spectacular amber sunsets! Price 1,300 €

Book a private flying dress photoshoot proposal on the best Santorini locations and will be a reminder of these charming photos years. Starting Price 450 €

Propose on a Yacht while in Santorini and enjoy the rest of the private cruise with your future wife and a bottle of champagne! Price 2,100 €

For the Santorini proposal package you’ve had in mind till now, We have the private dinner option! look through the information and add anything you wish to! Price 2,000 €

Choose your own way to propose and make your own proposal package. We will propoceed with services and make the package that is best for you.

All the married proposal packages includes:


A Great and effective strategy for a proposal here in Santorini is the Photoshoot concept on the caldera plan, Due to the beauty of this island many couples from all over the world include a photoshoot as an activity while in Santorini, Which helps us disguise our actual plans in case your partner may be suspicious that you’ve booked a photoshoot! Sometimes we even coordinate with your hotel to say that you’ve won the photoshoot in case you’re not the kind of couple to book a photoshoot!


Once you’ve booked the Date & Time with us, you’ll let your loved one know that you’ve made a booking surprise for them! This makes sure that you’ll both be in nice clothes! (We do something similar with the private dinner package as well!) The day of your Santorini engagement photoshoot, the driver will be waiting for you at your hotel and will take you to meet your photographer!


At the first location you’ll be greeted by the photographer who’ll pretend as if this is a casual couple photoshoot and will make you feel comfortable so you can enjoy the photoshoot! Casual pictures will be taken by the caldera side with the blue domes of Imerovigli by foot as the popular paths are reached only by walking! After a while you’ll head towards the car which will take you to the second and last location!


This is the moment! Generally, for the proposal location we suggest a place peaceful and full of nature’s beauty! Which is popular but hard to find, thus we can hope for a more quiet public place for the actual big moment!

Your photographer will arrive first and following will arrive your car, This is where it gets interesting! At This moment & place we can add decorations and details to your package as it’s not close to hotels and we can be more free about the personalization of the actual event! For example, Let’s say you arrive and walk a bit towards the place which we’ll agree on upon the emails. One of our team can pass you a blindfold so you can lead your partner towards the actual spot without them knowing what’s going on beforehand. This gives us times to make sure you’re ready as you’re heading towards engagement!

Many couples like to book Flowers, Candles, Fountain Fireworks and even music!

Our photographer can somewhere not to be spotted by your loved one and will capture the proposal from their own angles. After She / He says YES! The kind our team will bring the champagne and glasses to celebrate your new beginning. After your proposal, our photographer will take you around to capture some engagement highlights of Santorini and take some pictures to remember that magical day you proposed in Santorini. This is an idea which works 100% of the time, we are always flexible to change it up based on your idea of the ideal proposal. Upon request, After the photoshoot is over, we can take you anywhere on the island for the last ride, This can be back to your hotel to relax, freshen up & enjoy yourselves or we can take you first to a restaurant of your choice to finally eat and celebrate after such an important day!


A Professional photographer with expertise in engagements will be by your side throughout the proposal photoshoot and will make sure that you’ll be relaxed and will enjoy the day you got engaged in Santorini!


After the proposal we’ll have a champagne for you to enjoy together and celebrate the first day of the rest of your lives! (It’s good luck to drink the whole bottle, Really, I promise!)


We’ll drive you to beautiful locations around the island of Santorini for a photography tour, near the blue domes the cliffs and all the highlights before going for a dinner!


We’ll arrange your transportation with a fully air-conditioned from the moment you leave your hotel till we are finished with all the pictures.


From experience we can suggest restaurants that we like to you and are close to your hotel as well, this way you can head straight to the coziness of your hotel room after a big, nice meal!


Santorini Proposals team will be by your side since day one and help you with the organization, handling of fees and consulting for the best options for your special day.

Precious memories forever

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