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We offer a wide range of catering options to suit any taste and budget, and choosing the right catering service can help make your wedding day a truly special and unforgettable experience.

Santorini Wedding Catering Services provides high quality catering services in Santorini! Our excellence is the outcome of our long experience in the catering field, our attention to detail and our excellent staff! We provide delicious flavors and luxurious meals for even the most demanding taster! The success of your event is a given, as is the satisfaction of your guests!

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service! Whether it’s a private dinner or a multi person event, you can count on our vision! We make sure that we are constantly evolving, so that apart from the classic options we can also propose the latest innovations in the art of cooking!

Just like your style, your dining taste is a very personal matter, which we understand very well! A wedding party or a private dinner can be upgraded to suit your needs, as the Santorini Catering Services’ staff can fully meet your specific requirements and create a unique, customized menu just for you. According to your own taste preferences…

Santorini’s cuisine is known for its fresh and flavorful ingredients, including local seafood, vegetables, and herbs. Catering services in Santorini often feature Greek and Mediterranean-inspired menus, but many also offer international cuisine options.

When choosing a Santorini wedding catering service for your Santorini wedding, consider factors such as the size of your guest list, your budget, and any dietary restrictions or preferences you or your guests may have. You may also want to consider the style of your wedding and choose a catering service that can provide food and drinks that fit your theme.

We offer catering options for Santorini weddings include outdoor barbecues, traditional Greek feasts, elegant sit-down dinners, and cocktail receptions. we also provide additional services such as equipment rental, floral arrangements, and event planning



A Professional photographer along with you through the day to take pictures of your cruise in Santorini, And at the end to capture the proposal.


On board we’ll have champagne available for you for after the proposal in the waters of Santorini to celebrate with your loved one.


It can be a M/Y or S/Y. A catamaran is a popular option as well, The cruise will be private and you choose the kind of boat..


A driver will be available for you at any time, from the moment he takes you to the boat to the moment he takes you back to your hotel.


For dinner you can choose between meat, fish and vegetarian dishes all depending on your preferences for your Santorini Proposal.


We’ll discuss everything about your special day and help you decide what’s best for you, fees will be handled by us along with the organization of your cruise.

Dan & Sarah

Santorini wedding catering services on luxury reception venue

Harry & Jane

Santorini wedding proposal just the two of us on the luxury yacht or any wedding venue in Santorini

Proposal private dinner

In order to have the private dinner, We will rent the wedding venue of your choice and add on any extra services you like.
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Package starts at 850 Euros


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