Santorini wedding proposal on a blue dome church

Santorini wedding proposal on a blue dome church

Plan your own surprise wedding  proposal in Santorini by booking a photography photoshoot on Santorini Island

We have photographed dozens of Santorini wedding proposals at the well-known blue domed churches. Since the local churches are very popular landmarks and thousands of tourists are gathered daily there for pictures, a surprise proposal needs a good plan right from the beginning. For example, the choice of the right blue domed church, the best timing, how to keep it a surprise, the outfit choices and many more which we will be more than happy to assist. So get in touch with Santorini proposal planner and let’s plan an amazing marriage proposal at one of the famed blue domed churches of Santorini!!

All of Santorini churches Painted the domes in bold blue, have an emblematic presence that enchants every traveler. And it’s not just their unique architecture that has made them universally recognizable. Combine the picturesque structures with the deep blue Aegean Sea as a backdrop, and you’ll have a setting for one the most romantic places to take pictures. The blue color of the dome comes from the endless blue of the sky and the sea that only Greece has. Also, the domes of the churches, which always has a cross on the top, symbolize the sky, where God lives.

Best place for a surprise engagement proposal 

It’s no surprise that every year couples travel from all over the world to get engaged in Santorini. Angela had been dreaming for years to make a trip to Santorini and take pictures at one of the blue domes of the island. Aris, found the perfect chance to amaze his future wife with an engagement proposal at her favorite spot. During the planning process, Aris opened up about his feelings for Angela.  He felt that his girlfriend deserved a more unique and romantic wedding proposal compared to the typical Santorini proposals at the wedding venues. Therefore, the blue domes were the best place to kneel down and propose. Eventually, the proposal left Angela in utter amazement since she was just expecting a casual photoshoot at some of Santorini’s most extraordinary spots. Upon delivery of the pics at their hotel in Oia , Aris told me that the feeling at the rooftop of the church was almost like floating in the air. The unique views definitely helped him to relax before kneeling down and placing the engagement ring on Angela’s finger.

  • Santorini wedding proposal on a blue dome church
  • Proposal duration is 2 hours
  • Explore Santorini on a Walking photoshooting Tour of specific area
  • Photographer takes pictures of you and your partner throughout the tour
  • Propose at a romantic blue dome church location, all being captured on camera
  • Edited images delivered via an online gallery
  • Base package 350 €  


♥ Upgrades

  • A bottle of champagne – Toast your proposal happiness moment in Santorini with a  bottle of champagne after you propose  45€
  • Bucket of flowers – Enhance your intimate proposal with a read roses or any color of flower your future wife might like 75 €
  • Flying Dress Propose – Your tour proposal photographer, takes pictures of you posing with the beautiful flying dress at Santorni’s ignitable caldera views in front of the blue dome church Additional 159 €
  • Rush Photography Delivery – Have all the photos from your proposal delivered within 48 hours so that you can share with the world right away. Additional 159 €
  • Discreet Videographer – A videographer discreetly captures your proposal and provides close-up footage after if desired. Additional 300 €


♥ Terms & Conditions

  • Available daily
  • Reservations require 7 days notice
  • Proposal may be canceled or rescheduled due to inclement weather
  • Depose is require for official booking



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