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Nikos Sirigos

Nikos Sirigos

Santorini Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner Santorini

Planning a wedding abroad does not have to be a stressful & extremely expensive process if your wedding destination & your wedding planner belong to the best of their kind!

Santorini is a unique wedding location & our experienced & qualified team will help you live the dream of the most romantic & well organized ceremony with a touch of the island’s pure beauty .

Capture the memories of your  Weddings & Romantic Events in Santorini with {Santorini official Wedding Plaanner}!


Nikos Sirigos is an official Santorini wedding planner for the last 30 years in Santorini

Registry number MHTE: 11 67 E 60 0000 32901

Mob: + 30 6944803339

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Nikos Sirigos

Wedding Coordinator

Gary Hazizi

Santorini Photographer - Videographer

Lija Kiron

Wedding Coordinator