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santorini wedding documentsSantorini wedding documents

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*Apostile Stamp Information


Obligation After the wedding ceremony :
After the ceremony has be performed the couple have a legal obligation to register the wedding at the local council within 4 days, failure to do so will result in the marriage having no validity.

Please note that the paperwork that you provide to the Greek authorities is NOT returned to you after the wedding, they are kept on record.


Here are a few thinks you need to know before you decide if you want to have a legal or symbolic WEDDING in Santorini. No matter which country you come from, you have to gather a bunch of papers which they will need special stamps called Apostille and then translate your papers in Greek by the Greek Embassy of your area OR via our agency in our Town Hall legal department. After you get all your wedding documents, you have to send them to me via fax or e mail so I can start on my end the Greek part of the paperwork.

Please keep in mind the below rules for a perfect and hassle free wedding:

  • Greek translations are accepted only if they have been done by the Greek Embassy of your area OR via our agency in our Town Hall legal department.
  • We need the wedding documents 1 month before the wedding, you have to email us copies to make sure nothing is missing.
  • The wedding documents can not be dated older than 3 months from the day of your wedding date.
  • You must follow the instructions listed on this website and our instructions only. Do not listen to any other sources no matter what these sources are, as I am here and they are out of country and they are not updated daily by our local authorities. Each part of Greece has different legal requirements. The information inside my pages, are only for Santorini.
  • All documents that will submit us, will be held for ever by our Piece of Justice, so please request for new copies to send us if you need the old ones you have.

After you will get legally married here, it takes 1 month before your wedding planner will be able to send you the Greek marriage certificate in Greek, which needs to be translated back in English. So, although you will be married, it will take you another month before you will be able to register it to your country because our Town Hall registry is really busy and there is no way to get it sooner than this.

According to the Greek law, all the wedding documentation stays in our registry otherwise the wedding will not be legal.

You can obtain new documents by applying to the registry of births, deaths and marriages of your area.

So, if you wish to avoid all these expenses, headache and bureaucracy, the solution is to get legally married in your country and come to Santorini for a symbolic wedding which will be exactly the same in terms of ceremony. You miss nothing and you gain the money you would spend to prepare your paperwork.

Your guests will never know the difference and of course exists Confidentiality between you and our agency.

*All translators should be approved by the Greek Consulate or Embassy.

An independent translator with notary stamp is not accepted by the Greek authorities or church.

To keep you out of stress we can Official translate your wedding documents for you on low cost.

We inform you that the best months to get married are between May and November.

We organize civil weddings symbolic ceremonies, Greek Weddings, Catholics weddings

Before you read the below legal requirements, it is important to understand that the these requirements are from the Greek government and not by us, therefore they might change so you have to contact your wedding planner 3 months before your wedding to get any updates and visit often our website

If you think that gathering all this paperwork is too complicated for you, know that many couples that happens to find difficulty with their paperwork as well, they are getting married back home with by just signing the papers at their town hall without taking the ceremony part and then they come here and they have the actual ceremony with the views of the ocean and the breathtaking sunset and all these times, their guests don’t even know about it

it is NOT acceptable to authenticate all your papers with only one Apostille!!! Each paper need a separate Apostille stamp!

Question: Nikos! i have received the pictures and licenses. thank you they are beautiful! i have called the Greek consulate in Chicago and they told me they don’t do interpretations and that i would have to send it to Athens. is this the way i am to do it? any help would be appreciated.

Answer: You can have it translated by any accredited translator of your area. You don’t need to go via the Greek Embassy OR via Athens.
Then, please call your registry office to see if it is needed to be presented at this time OR if only when you need to change your name, insurance docs etc.