Nikos Sirigos

“ Nikos Sirigos”, is a Santorini wedding planners providing full and unique wedding planning services on the Island for the last 30 years. After all there years he is offering an one-stop solution for destination weddings in Santorini! Nikos Sirigos is one of the first full time wedding planners in Santorini Island and one of the most reputable Santorini wedding design companies. Providing high quality of Santorini Wedding services, exclusive to couples outside Greece We have established a huge reputation in Santorini with our wedding planing services after 30 years. This reputation has led us to cooperation’s with all major vendors and venues in Santorini, so we are more than sure that you will receive the best services from our Santorini wedding planning team.. Thank you for taking the time to look at and consider “Santorini Wedding Planner” for your upcoming special day. We are here to help you find answers to any question you may have for your wedding day in Santorini. Visit our partner for Santorini wedding photography at -- https://www.photographersantorini.com


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Santorini Wedding Planner Team

Nikos Sirigos

Wedding Coordinator

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Co Wedding Planner

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Santorini Wedding Photographer